Indochino Modern Linen Suit Collection


With spring on our doorsteps, the folks at Indochino have given us an early look at this season’s newest creation: the Modern Linen Collection. The new collection offers a perfect equilibrium between formal and casual. The season showcases an in-house formulated mixture of wool (75%) and linen (25%), that give the suits a comfortable, lightweight feel while retaining a luxurious, wrinkle-free appearance. Think good tailoring meets J.Crew at direct-to-buyer prices. The linen collection, which consists of a total of four linen suits with matching vests, will be available in navy, gray, tan and brown. So whether you pair it with a t-shirt, or dress it up for that special night out, the Modern Linen Suit collection is, ahem, well-suited for all occasions.


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Source: Indochino.