Iphone 6 Rumors

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iphone 6 already? No iPhone 5s?  Actually they are planning to release a budget version iPhone 5 before there is even the iphone 6.  Rumors are that they plan to release the iphone 6 in the fall maybe black friday ish?  But, you know how that goes Apple always like to make things dramatic so I think it will probably be released June at the earliest.

The rumor is that it will rival the size of the Galaxy S3 at 4.8 inches.  Also it is rumored that it will be able to take SUPER HD Pictures.  If that is the case then it should have the back camera at least to 13 megapixels.  A new patent messaging service will be available much like the Blackberry’s BBM service.  Since security is a big thing these days it may have fingerprint recognition capabilities. Wireless charging will be a feature for the people that always leave their charger at home. Apple has been awarded a patent for a technology that will avoid the sudden visual impairment brought by bright screen displays in a very dark environment. This is called Luminescence Shock. The new feature will limit the brightness of the iPhone when activated in dark environment.  Rumors have been growing of a new high-tech screen display that allows users to write even with the use of regular pencil or pen. According to reports, Sharp Corp has developed the new display technology that brings up to 8 times higher sensitivity to a touch panel.The iPhone 6 will likely use the new Sharp IGZO screen, which means it will be thinner and use less power. Sharp demonstrated the IGZO technology earlier this year.  ook for an increase in storage to 128GB, up from 64GB. Expect options of 16GB, 32GB, 64GB and 128GB.  Expect the iPhone 6 to run on iOS 7.

So start recycling and mowing those lawns this spring and summer so you can save for the new iphone 6.  I know I will.