Dear Straight People: We Have To Talk

  • At 0:38, she gives us a biology lesson.
  • At 0:58, she drops a truth bomb.
  • At 1:24, she asks the most important question you could ever ask a straight person who is scared of gay people, ever.
  • At 1:48, she gives some awesome props to her straight allies like you and me. Then she punches me in the guts with her words.
  • At 2:10, I feel like I’m at a church I’d go to regularly even though I’m an atheist.
  • At 2:21, she informs me of something I never knew happened and breaks my heart.
  • At 3:03, she tells those who live in fear where to put their ignorance, and I applaud in awe.

In case you were wondering, Denice Frohman is a world poetry slam champion, and you should totally like her on Facebook. Also you might want to share this if you want to help stamp out hate. Totally up to you. I’m straight, and I totally did. Just sayin’.